Our Service Guide

House Cleaning

General Clean consists of:

Washing and cleaning of all hard floors
Cleaning all kitchen surfaces and fronts / insides and tops
Cleaning the outside of kitchen appliances
Dusting and polishing of furniture
Cleaning of bathrooms/showers/wc's
Clean and Sanitize all Kitchen Sinks and Countertops
Disinfect Kitchen and Bathroom Floors
Clean and Disinfect Bathroom Showers, Tubs, Toilets and Sinks
Vacuum all Carpeted Floors including Stairs
Clean and Sanitize headboards of beds
Clean all Mirrors
Remove all Cobwebs
Remove Rubbish and Replace Bags

Move In/Out Cleaning

Our end of tenancy cleans start from as little as £80!! We will provide you with before and after photos so that you can rest asure that you will not have any worries.

After Party Cleaning

Throwing a party?  Not enough time to mingle? Well you can hire our staff to clean the mess up as the night progresses so you don't have to get up to the mess. We even clean Kids parties also

Deep Spring Cleaning

Christmas? Birthday? New home? what ever the excuse we can deep clean your home leaving no corner untouched. We will pull everything out, empty cupboards and bookcases so you dont have to. A Deep Clean / Spring Clean consists of:

Limescale removal in kitchens and bathrooms
Washing of all tiled surfaces
Cleaning windows inside/out if possible
Clean Inside of Microwave
Clean Ceiling Fans and Baseboards
Dust Windowsills, Ledges, Mini-Blinds, Pictures and Electronics
Clean Television and Computer Screens
Vacuuming all carpets and moving of items of furniture that can be moved
Cleaning all skirting boards and door frames
Plus General clean

Additional Services

Laundry Wash & Dry

Coming Soon - once we have finalised the insurance procedures.

Inside Cabinets

This comes under a deep clean category and this services is provided once a deep clean has been arranged.

Inside Fridge

We insist the fridge is turned off the night before and all contents are empty due to health and safety procedures.

Inside Oven

Oven cleaning rates start from £50, This includes all racks, sides and glass, 25% off when you have a home cleaning service added.


Interior Walls

These walls will be vacummed, dusted or wiped down so that you dont have those annoying cobwebs hanging in the shadows.


Interior Windows

Window cleaning can often be arranged with your day to day cleaner who will more then happy and willing to undertake ths service for you.